Live Well Farm isn’t just an address on some road on Maine’s midcoast. Sure, there is a farm at 1583 Harpswell Neck Rd. Harpswell, Maine with orchards, gardens, a fabulous restored 1840’s farmhouse, and awesome barn; but its more than that. It’s an ethos to learn, laugh, love …. live well.

After purchasing the property in 2013 Live Well Farm got its name because of what those words represent. Years earlier a good friend of ours relayed a story about the sudden death of his best friend. While the death was painful for him to grasp, the legacy of what his friend left of living a full and engaged life became a balm on the wound.

I loved the story. I loved this man’s legacy. I loved it so much I had it tattooed under my father’s initials on the wrist I use to shake hands. I believe to live a life ‘well lived’ is a desire to which most people aspire. Live Well Farm is an extension of that belief. We want everything we do at Live Well Farm to open opportunities or ideas for others to live a full and engaged life.

That’s why Live Well Farm isn’t just an address on a road in Maine, its an aspiration to live life to its fullest. Its why we do what we do; make cider, wine, and balsamic vinegar, host weddings, wine dinners, reunions, cooking classes, actors/artist guilds, songwriter workshops, charity benefits, and celebrations for every season of life.

In seeing others explore these outlets to everyday life – our own lives becomes richer. Over time we’ll continue to add short blurbs in this LWF Journal section. Scroll through our various landing pages about what we’re learning, the experiences we’ve enjoyed (and some we haven’t!), as well as the projects in which the ethos of living well has taken us.

Live Well, my friends.

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