LWF hosts the Song Travelers Writing Retreat

Every season at Live Well Farm has its highlights and memorable events. 2018 was no different. Each event, from weddings to reunions to charity benefits, are all special as we develop relationships with the parties involved. We focus our efforts to make each one feel like Live Well is their home and to make their stay memorable.

The Song Travelers Writing Retreat for singer/songwriters just completed their stay. This group of 17 artists, gifted and highly regarded in the music industry, arrived with the sole purpose of writing songs and helping each other produce art. They were led and mentored by award winning artists; Wyatt Easterling (Nashville), Chuck McDowell (Atlanta), and Scott and Jen Smith (Baltimore) to create music that you’ll no doubt be listening to at a club, in an arena, or on Spotify and Pandora.

Patty and I were anxious for their arrival, energized to see them collaborate, inspired to hear their work, and truly sad to see them leave – thus ending our 2018 season. These accomplished folk artists were a mash-up spanning genres from rock to indie to country, twenty something to 80+, left/right, sassy female to contemplative cowboy – they all left their imprint on Live Well Farm.

Their goodbyes to one another were especially poignant. At the final communal meal, they each got an opportunity to reflect and express their feelings about this retreat. Their words and thoughts were both powerful and intimate at the same time as they expressed a genuine love and respect for one another, and a sincere sense of gratitude for the innate gift of talent they shared.

Well done, artists. Bravo.

Live Well Farm is anxious to host your encore.


 Of course we’re having lobster …. This is Living Well!

Of course we’re having lobster …. This is Living Well!


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