Your destination DIY wedding; 10 things you need to know – Part II

If you missed Part 1, read up!

6.      Know your contract – It’s probably been a long time since you booked your venue and contracted your vendors. Take a good look at those contracts you signed so you know what’s expected of you and what you should expect from them. You’ll likely rediscover a timeline leading up to your event for things you need to do, people with whom you should communicate, and deposits you’ll need to remit.

7.      Info your vendors need to know – This may seem obvious but your vendors work different events and venues every weekend; some vendors work multiple events in one weekend. Communicate the specifics within your contract they will need to know in order for them to fulfill your expectations. When will the tent vendor be able to pitch the tent? How will the caterers and their supplies gain access to their prep tent? What time does the DJ need to stop playing music? Can the florist alter structures at the venue? Does the photographer have unfettered access? What are the bartenders marching orders? These are all questions your vendors will be asking.

8.      Curfews and Cut-offs – You’ll have to abide by both of these at any venue you contract. Even under the best conditions noise and alcohol are huge items for any venue to mitigate with the community. We want nothing more than for our guests to celebrate to the fullest – but in this case the sky isn’t the limit to achieve this. Know when it’s time to call it a day and say goodnight.

9.      House Rules – Every venue has these and it’s important for you to know them. Knowing them will protect your security deposit. Enough said!

10.  Have a Plan B – It happens. Rain, power outages, … life? Have a Plan B if something doesn’t go as planned or be sure your planner has the experience to problem solve on the run when things don’t go as planned (this only comes with experience). At the end of the day you can’t plan for everything but you be comforted to know that your guests are your friends and they’ll understand and appreciate you thought enough to have a Plan B.

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