Vendors – Part II: Your Tent vs. their ballroom

Tents make a statement at any event, but especially at a wedding. They shout: “We’re celebrating here today!” They also give your guests a unique sense of freedom and elegance they just won’t experience in an opulent ballroom or a country club dining room.

At Live Well Farm our tent vendors are the best in New England. You choose your own tent design options from their inventory, they’ll light it to perfection just like that aforementioned opulent ballroom, enclose it in case of inclement weather, and heat it so granny doesn’t get ‘the chills’ before she delivers that special toast you’ve secretly been dreading!!! But best of all – they’re dependable and professional. The tent you choose for your event will be delivered on-time and pitched to perfection thus eliminating a big measure of stress. 

New England Tent and Awning, Marshall Tents, Coastal Maine Canopies, and One Stop Event Rentals have been our highest rated (based on client surveys) tent vendors delivering choice, quality, and professional service at Live Well Farm since our first event in 2014. 


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