Another Unique, Quality Vendor at LWF – Part III

Cellar Oyster Company

The Chesapeake Bay and Gulf Coast used to be ‘the’ regions to visit to enjoy great oysters. But Maine, (yes, Maine!) grows oysters that are …. just better! They tend to be a tad smaller than you’d likely find down south but for our money, they’ve got the field beat. Served with a spray of lemon, mignonette or hot cocktail sauce they’re fresh, crisp, and meaty (not fishy). Okay, I made a minor value judgment here but I just think they taste better than any I’ve had elsewhere.

Oysters are that unique treat to accompany a cold beer or a nice Sauvignon Blanc and we’ve got the best vendor for your every ‘oyster need’; Cellar Oyster Company of Portland, ME. They’re one of our go-to vendors at Live Well Farm to ‘bring the goods’ for your special occasion.  

Having worked on oyster farms from Maryland to Maine, Drew and Leslie built Cellar Oyster Company out of a desire to root themselves in their craft with passion, energy, and simplicity. The Company works to grow the finest shellfish in New England, focusing on the natural processes and environments that create an impeccable product. Once fully grown in the waters of coastal Maine, their oysters are served as part of a boutique raw bar experience.

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