The Live Well Farm Backstory

The farmhouse, originally built in 1835 by Moses Bailey and owned by a local clipper ship captain has changed hands several times over the years. Just after the turn of the 20th century it became known in Harpswell as one of its best agricultural properties. Owners with local family names like Orr, MacDonald and McGee raised crops and dairy cows, and developed a wonderful orchard that still yields incredible apple harvests to this day.

In the 1990’s the property came under the ownership of a family from ‘away’ (Lewiston, that is!) by the name of Dempsey. It quickly became the worst kept secret in Harpswell that we had a new ‘Dr.’ in town; Dr. ‘McDreamy’ of Grey’s Anatomy fame. Spending time between Hollywood and Harpswell, Patrick Dempsey married his wife, Jillian at the farm while developing his philanthropic presence in Lewiston with the Dempsey Center for cancer prevention, hope, and healing. He maintains his ties to Live Well and Maine with the success of his ongoing work and the annual Dempsey Challenge

In 2013, Lee Jones of Locke-Jones Building and Restoration, a local artisan and master carpenter specializing in restorations headed all phases of the renovation. Ironically, Lee knew the house from stem to stern as he spent much of his childhood years playing in the house and on the property with members of the McGee family. Thirteen months of work yielded incredible architectural and design results. Shortly after completing the restoration phase acclaimed photographer, Nadra Edgerley joined up with Emily Carter Floral Designs to stage a photoshoot for a wedding magazine. The rest is history. Over 120 successful events later and the property is still realizing new avenues of potential.

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