Let's Go Flying!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking …


Live Well Farm has an airplane and a pilot with 40 years of cockpit experience

We had a wedding party tell us it would be awesome to see the coast of Maine from the air. Why not? Our very own, Scott Ruppert is a retired Navy pilot and commercial airline pilot. Just like your wedding day, we’ll escort you down the runway with elegance.

Our guests have the option of booking a flight either up the coast or over to the mountains …. We promise it’ll be the second most memorable highlight of your wedding weekend.

Our beautiful Harpswell, Maine coastline

Chances are you have a relationship with the great state of Maine. You’ve experienced the coast, the mountains, and everything else Maine has to offer. When was the last time you had a chance to board a private plane and get a personal tour of Maine’s vast coastline?!

It’s a whole new world at 3000’. Talk to Patty about booking a flight when you set the date for your Live Well Farm Wedding experience.

Sunday River Ski Resort looks a lot different in the summertime

Let Live Well take you somewhere you’ve never been before. How often do you get a chance to scan the coast of Maine from an airplane?! See popular winter attractions during the summer months!

Fall weddings & Maine Foliage From 3000 feet

“Its Fall, let’s go see some leaves.” Are you having a Fall Wedding at Live Well Farm? An hour in the air will give you a whole new perspective on how beautiful the foliage in Maine actually is. Pictures won’t do it justice. Put your phone away and enjoy the scenic views of Maine’s Coastline coupled with classic fall colors.


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