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The Live Well Farm Backstory

The property wasn’t always known as one of New England’s premier special event venues. In fact, the property only came to be known as Live Well Farm in 2013 after a complete restoration and renovation project had been launched on the vintage 1830’s house and barn by its current owners, Scott and Patty Ruppert. …. In the 1990’s the property came under the ownership of a family ‘from away’ (Lewiston, that is!) by the name of Dempsey. It quickly became the worst kept secret in Harpswell that we had a new ‘Dr.’ in town; Dr. ‘McDreamy’ of Grey’s Anatomy fame.

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2018: A Look Back

… 16 weekends of wedding celebrations that spanned the gamut from flannel to formal, Beatles to Bochelli, food trucks to filet mignon. Every event was unique with an air of rustic New England country ambiance, and guests went home with some awesome memories. …artists came to the farm for an artist’s sketching retreat where they refined their skills using Live Well Farm’s beautiful landscape and Harpswell’s magnificent coastline as backdrops. … singer/ songwriters converged to collaborate, become inspired to write new songs, and gather in the barn every night to showcase their work

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Your destination DIY wedding; 10 things you need to know – Part I

From planners to venue selection to the 5-hour Rule this is the stuff you need to consider as you plan your Best Day Ever. The Fine Print: It’s tougher than you think, there are a lot of moving parts, the last few weeks will likely stress you out, BUT …. it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ll make for this special day but the good news is – you can do it! That should cover all the bases of what Live Well Farm has seen as concerns in the initial decision-making process.

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Your destination DIY wedding; 10 things you need to know – Part II

The final 5 items to consider as you approach your DIY wedding are equally as important as the first 5. We could probably tack on Items 10-20 but this will help get you started to tackling your Best Day Ever!

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The Wedding Planner: Money Well Spent

As the bride you may even think you could handle the load because you’ve planned large events before BUT – You don’t want to direct the wedding, you want to be the star.

SPEND THE MONEY on a professional. I say professional because that’s what it will take to pull this thing off without a (or too many) hitch. A relative, a good friend who got married once, or a Type-A friend who convinces you he/she does this sort of stuff all the time will only serve you with post wedding regrets about ‘what could have been’.

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LWF hosts the Song Travelers Writing Retreat

The Song Travelers Writing Retreat for singer/songwriters just completed their stay. This group of 17 artists, gifted and highly regarded in the music industry, arrived with the sole purpose of writing songs and helping each other produce art. … These accomplished folk artists were a mash-up spanning genres from rock to indie to country, twenty something to 80+, left/right, sassy female to contemplative cowboy – they all left their imprint on Live Well Farm.

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Another Unique, Quality Vendor at LWF – Part III

Having worked on oyster farms from Maryland to Maine, Drew and Leslie built Cellar Oyster Company out of a desire to root themselves in their craft with passion, energy, and simplicity. The Company works to grow the finest shellfish in New England, focusing on the natural processes and environments that create an impeccable product.

And…. we at Live Well Farm think Maine oysters are the best around …

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Vendors – Part II: Your Tent vs. their ballroom

Tents make a statement at any event but especially at a wedding. They shout: “We’re celebrating here today!” They also give your guests a unique sense of freedom and elegance they just won’t experience in an opulent ballroom or a country club dining room.

At Live Well Farm our tent vendors are the best in New England …

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Vendors: Live Well Farm’s Secret Ingredient

Without our vendors, we’re just a wonderful farm property on the coast of Maine. The event venue business in New England has exploded over the last few years bringing people to Maine from all over the world to experience our awesome beauty. Leading up to the 2018 season, we’ll highlight these proven business partners that will make your experience at Live Well Farm memorable.

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The B.A.R.N. Backstory Project

I love listening to someone tell a good story; especially when the story is rooted in a personal experience that teaches, inspires, and encourages further thought. …With this in mind, we introduced the B.A.R.N. Backstory element to our 2017 summer season of wine/craft beer dinners in the barn. B.A.R.N. is the Live Well Farm acronym for Business, Arts, Recreation, N-richment/N-couragement/N-spiration. These presentations are TED(-ish) type talks except they’re less ‘important’, more fun, and without pretense. Each dinner …..

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Mistakes Make Us Better (most of the time)

The 2018 year for the Live Well Farm apple orchard produced some good apples for my annual release of Apple Jack hard apple cider. Apples were harvested over a couple different periods as their internal sugar content reached peak. The initial crush went well as did the fermentation process with champagne yeast. But two weeks later I noticed that something had changed when uncapping a bottle … 

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Merry Christmas: The relationships that make it even more special

In most cases, we watched them deliberate, plan, and prepare for a year. They gather with family and friends, celebrate for a weekend and open the next chapter of their lives. The good news is that the story doesn’t end there for us.

Weddings provide a small picture of what we do but the value for us is realized in seeing that the next generation got its start with us, here at Live Well Farm.

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