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The Vinegar Diaries – Part 3 – The Rest of the Story

I knew I was in Trouble (yes, capital T) when I saw Patty’s stare which screamed: “are you (expletive deleted) crazy?” But …. I knew if ‘we’ could pull it off it could be one of those landmark adventures for the ages.

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The Vinegar Diaries – Part 2 … The Plan


Step 5: We board the Trenitalia train from Venice to Bologna to Cesena. We then take a taxi in Cesena to Giovanni’s woodworking shop carrying our large duffel bags and roll-aboard suitcases that will easily carry our barrels home to their new home.

Step 6: This is where the brilliant plan begins to unravel.

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The Vinegar Diaries – Part 1 – The Idea

….in 2013 I visited a winery north of Venice on the Strada del Prosecco.  While this region is known primarily for its DOCG level of prosecco production it wasn’t the sparkling wine that got my attention; it was the balsamic vinegar production….. 

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The Ethos of Live Well Farm

Live Well Farm isn’t just an address on some road on Maine’s midcoast. Sure, there is a farm at 1583 Harpswell Neck Rd. Harpswell, Maine with orchards, gardens, a fabulous restored 1840’s farmhouse, and awesome barn; but its more than that. It’s an ethos to learn, laugh, love …. live well.

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