Preferred vendors

It’s important to us that you are able to craft your reception to reflect your individual personalities and desires, so we do not restrict your vendor choices—just make sure your vendors are insured. We do have some favorites that we've listed out here, but we also love to meet new people and new creative vendors. Visit our Wedding Galleries for vendor credits from past weddings, and always feel free to ask us for suggestions.






*Full service indicates a catering group that offers more than simply the preparation and serving of food. Full-service caterers set and dress the tables, prepare and serve food, clear dishes and return them to the catering racks, and clear guest trash, among other things. Many full-service caterers can also provide bartending service.

Caterers who are not included on the full service list typically only provide the preparation and serving of food, and they do not wait tables, they do not clear guest trash, and/or they do not provide extensive service beyond food prep.