Lifestyle Retreats at LWF

Re·treat /Rəˈtrēt/: A Quiet Or Secluded Place To
Re-Flect, Re-Think, Re-Energize, And Re-Establish Perspective

Every business muddles through periodic cycles where meetings become a constant, team building is a repetitive checkbox, and maintaining a culture presents an ongoing effort. We're not offering miracle cures for any of those issues. You already have some great ideas, and Live Well Farm provides a unique place away from the corporate environment to tune out the distractions, meet your every need and attend to the RE's of life; Re-member, Re-flect, Re-group, Re-think, Re-energize, and Re-commit. It is in this uncluttered and comfortable atmosphere where natural inspiration and creativity exist, where minds meet, teams built, and cultures become renewed or restored.

We have no board rooms, work cubicles, or phone bank; we barely have cell phone service. What we do have is the comfort and quiet, opportunity and space, the option to include our exclusive partner as a chef and an environment to give energy to great ideas. Live Well Farm provides an escape where you and your colleagues can begin to remember what it was like to be open and willing before the grind made you forget.